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Marvel Comics is full of great superheroes, many of which have made their way to the big screen. But as great as Robert Downey Jr. is as Iron Man, the weakest part of his films have been his adversaries. Looking as most of Marvel’s major superheroes, their rogues galleries are lacking, except for one notable exception: Spider-man. Peter Parker faces many of the best villains in comics. With The Amazing Spider-man hitting theaters on Tuesday, now is the perfect time to look at the web-slingers best foes. Here are my top ten picks.



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Sure, the mask is a bit much, but this guy is just cool. Using the power of electricity, Electro can be a serious problem for our favorite wall crawler. This guy may not be the smartest of Spidey’s foes, but he certainly can be one of the most dangerous.




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Imagine having the ability to turn into anyone you want at will. That is what this classic early Spider-man foe is capable of. On the side of evil, this villain is a true menace. What makes him unique is that he is one of the hero’s few enemies who is almost completely a nonphysical threat.




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Now here is another really cool villain Spider-man faces off against. Initially hired by J. Jonah Jameson, Mac Gargan became too much for JJJ to handle (you know, since he became a supervillain and all). Eventually, he would go on to become the third Venom, following the footsteps of Eddie Brock.



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Mysterio is always a fun villain to watch. He always manages to get the upper hand on Spidey, either with impressive escapes or mind warping illusions. Another cool aspect to the character is that his alter ego, Quentin Beck, is a former special effects artist for the movies. How can you know have some fun with this foe?



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God I hope this guy ends up in a movie someday. Considering how ridiculous he is that’s pretty unlikely, but a fan can dream. Aside from his over-the-topness, Kraven is actually a pretty deep character. His obsession with hunting the wall crawler makes him perhaps the craziest villain Spider-man faces off against.



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Gotham City isn’t the only city in comics that has a big problem with organized crime. New York has to deal with Wilson Fisk, the kingpin of crime in Marvel Comics. Sure, he may be more of a Daredevil villain, but he clashes with Spider-man more than enough to justify putting him on this list.



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One of Peter’s biggest inspirations is also one of his greatest enemies. Dr. Curt Connors is far from evil, but when he tries to regrow his arm using lizard DNA, well, the image to the left happens. Connors is barely in control of the beast that he becomes, which is part of what makes him such an interesting enemy for Spider-man to battle because he is afraid of damaging the man within. Hopefully the version we will be getting in The Amazing Spider-man will live up to his comics’ origins.


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, forget about Spider-man 3 already. Maybe eventually in a sequel Marc Webb can make Venom awesome again. The symbiote suit that first attached itself to Peter eventually attaches to Eddie Brock, and together they become Venom, a creature with all the same powers as Spidey, just stronger. He even knows his secret identity, never a good thing for people who tend to where masks.



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One of Spider-man’s oldest and most classic foes is mostly successful due to the human elements that the writers continue to give him. Doc Ock, as it is often abbreviated, is also the only truly great Spider-man villain in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Alfred Molina plays one heck of a villain in Spider-man 2, and helped make that one of the best superhero movies of all time.




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He killed Gwen Stacy. From that moment on, Norman Osborn would forever be Spider-man’s arch nemesis. But perhaps his biggest crime is passing on his legacy to his son Harry, Peter’s best friend. No other villain has left such a gaping hole in Peter Parker’s life than this gliding menace to Manhattan. Hopefully we will get another on screen incarnation of this classic foe in a sequel to the reboot.



Do you agree with our picks of the best Spider-man villains ever? What would your list be? Sound off below!


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