Top 10 Sweetest Moments From The Office

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For better or worse (in this writer’s opinion definitely better) The Office will conclude with the ninth and final season premiering this week. This show has done a great job making you really feel for the characters over the past eight seasons. These sweet moments are a huge part of what made the show great to begin with. With this classic series ending we thought it would be a perfect time to examine the sweetest moments that the show has given us yet.


Photo Credit: The Medal Ceremony (Office Olympics)-

On a boring day, Jim has the whole office participate in a series of games. Pam makes medals out of yogurt lids. During this fun, Michael buys a condo for way more than he bargains for. Returning to the office, head down, Jim awards him a medal as the national anthem plays. It humanizes Michael while showing how Jim is willing to do something for someone who doesn’t make his life any easier.


Photo Credit: Michael Proposes to Holly (Garage Sale)-

At the end of season four, Michael Scott is introduced to Holly. The two were made for each other, but early on in season five, she moves. Finally, in season seven, they are brought back together. Clearly meant for each other Michael finally proposes. He takes her on a tour throughout the place they met. Then he proposes to her in a room full of candles and their co-workers watching. It’s beautiful, and one of the best tearjerkers of the series.



Photo Credit: The Bird Funeral (Grief Counseling)-

Michael Scott is a dramatic man. So when a bird flies into his window after his former boss has died, he freaks. Pam, the sweetheart of the office, puts together a little service for the bird to help Michael get past this difficult loss. It is one of the first moments in the amazing Pam/Michael dynamic that would drive the heart of the show for years to come.



Photo Credit: Michael Picks Pam Up (Dream Team)-

One of my favorite story arcs in this shows eight year run is when Michael quits and starts the Michael Scott Paper Company with Pam and Ryan. After a first day of failure, Pam feels defeated. Michael puts the situation in perspective for her. It is a perfect scene and the two are able to move forward in this difficult situation knowing that they have each other.


Photo Credit: Michael and Pam’s Goodbye (Goodbye, Michael)-

Are you starting to see a trend on this list? Yeah, me too. Michael and Pam just have a lot of the best moments on the show. Luckily their departing goodbyes is one of the best. Pam gets to the airport just in time as Michael has already taken off his mic. The two share some words that we don’t get to hear because we don’t deserve to. Their relationship was so quiet but so meaningful. They needed to have the most dramatic goodbye, but it isn’t even the audience’s place to intrude on it.


Photo Credit: Jim Asks Pam Out (The Job)-

After three seasons of tension, it finally happens, out of no where. No part of The Job makes you think “this is it, they are finally going to get together”. Then it just happens and it is so perfect. It’s small, just as The Office likes it, but easily one of the most difficult summers the fans have had between seasons.


Photo Credit: Michael’s Advice (Booze Cruise)-

“Never give up,” Michael tells Jim after learning about his feelings for Pam. Michael had a difficult night trying to get his staff to learn something on the boat. But after being handcuffed to the front of the boat, Michael teaches Jim something incredibly important. One could argue that Jim and Pam may not have gotten together if it weren’t for this conversation.



Photo Credit: Jim and Pam’s Wedding (Niagara)-

So many tears! Between the perfect wedding on the Maid of the Mist and the entire cast dancing down the aisles imitating a YouTube video, everything came together so well in this incredible episode. These two were meant to be since the pilot. This moment solidifies it all. There was no going back from here. PB&J forever.



Photo Credit: The Kiss (Casino Night)-

Season two of The Office is one of the most painful seasons of television ever as these two just won’t get together! But in the finale, Jim just goes for it. The results are clear, but where will they be in the fall? Sadly, the answer wasn’t the best but this moment put Jim and Pam right up there was Ross and Rachel as not only one of the best TV romances ever, but one of the best examples in modern fiction of love.



Photo Credit: Pam’s Art Show (Business School)-

Way back in season three Pam wasn’t doing so hot. Jim was dating Karen. Roy isn’t exactly the best boyfriend. But as usual, when Pam has no one, Michael brings her back up. When no one goes to or appreciates Pam’s art show she is obviously hurt. But then Michael shows up and wants to buy one of her paintings. Pam hugs him in a tear jerking moment that defines both characters. Of course it is ruined by a boner joke, but this is the sweetest moment of the show nonetheless.


Do you agree with our favorite moments? What are your favorite sweet moments from The Office? Are you excited for the final season? Sound off below!

2 Responses to Top 10 Sweetest Moments From The Office

  1. Josue Bolanos says:

    Season 2- The Dundies.
    Pam kisses Jim while drunk and then afterward Pam falls out of her chair while staring at Jim in an obvious “I love you, why the hell will it take three seasons”, adorable way

  2. Sarah Nicole says:

    Michael showing up to Pam’s art show really got me to shed a tear. He apologizes for showing up late and then he tells her how proud he is of her. It is so genuine because he hangs it up in the office. If I had a boss that did that with one of my artworks, I would cry. They definitely have great and close moments and this one is by far the most touching and real.

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