Top 10 Tony Stark Moments in Preparation for ‘Iron Man 3’

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You are no doubt excited for Iron Man 3 this week, which has gotten nothing short of rave reviews thus far. Our review will be in late Thursday night, but for now, we wanted to take a look back at the best of Tony Stark so far. Back in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. immediately became one of the best on screen superheroes of all time. Appearing in three films since then, he has been the high point of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With rumors of Downey Jr. being done after Iron Man 3 (please no…), now is the time to celebrate the incredible work he’s done so far. Here’s Tony Stark’s ten best moments on screen yet.



Photo Credit: Fighting the Government – Iron Man 2

Tony Stark’s second appearance gets a lot of flack. The first half of Iron Man 2 is actually quite excellent. This court scene is easily the smartest of the film, showing Tony in court trying to keep his technology to himself. His sarcasm and wit here are top notch, causing a judge to say “F*ck you Mr. Stark” by the end.


Photo Credit: Iron Man vs. Thor – The Avengers

There’s quite a few hero on hero battles in The Avengers, but the first and best sees Shellhead and the God of Thunder duking it out in the middle of a forrest. It’s great fun and makes perfect use of our understanding of the characters. Tony has no intention of letting “Shakespeare in the park” get away with Loki, and it leads to one heck of a fun sequence.


Photo Credit: The Tank – Iron Man

Do we need a better example of how badass Tony Stark is? In his first foray into heroics, Iron Man flies to Afghanistan and takes out the terrorists who captured him. He thinks he’s all done until a tank foolishly interrupts his flight home. Even though this scene appeared in literally every commercial before the film’s release, it wasn’t ruined in the theater.


Photo Credit: Test Run – Iron Man

Every superhero movie has its “superhero testing powers” scene. Peter Parker stood at the edge of a roof trying to find the right combination to shoot webbing. Batman sneaks into Commissioner Gordon’s office and jumps rooftops. This one stands out as one of the best though, largely due to Downey Jr.’s pitch perfect comedic timing.


Photo Credit: The Racetrack – Iron Man 2

Like I said, the first half of Iron Man 2 is pretty flawless, and this is the climax of that. With Tony being cocky, claiming to be the only one capable of using his technology, Anton Vanko shows him up in a big way during a race. It is the best action sequence of the two standalone Iron Man films, and gives us another really cool version of the armor, the suitcase.


Photo Credit: “We Have a Hulk” – The Avengers

At the start of the third act of The Avengers, it seems like Loki has all but won. But Tony gets some motivation and warns Loki face to face, over a drink no less, about attacking Earth. He begins describing the men Loki has pissed off, including his brother. Loki responds “I have an army”, to which Tony says “We have a Hulk”. It’s a perfect conversation and an excellent way to thrust us into the epic battle that finishes out the film.


Photo Credit: Chest Replacement – Iron Man

Tony Stark is hardly a romantic. But this scene from the first film shows why he and Pepper are perfect together, and one of the best on screen superhero couples. The mini-reactor in Tony’s chest needs to be replaced, and Pepper is the only one around. It’s a very funny and very cute scene that shows why they are so perfect together.


Photo Credit: First Flight – Iron Man

I can’t think of a better scene where a superhero finally hits their groove. A close second would probably be the first time Spider-man swung through New York. But Tony Stark is experiencing pure joy, and so are we. Special effects don’t always mean action, as this delightful scene shows.


Photo Credit: Sacrifice – The Avengers

Prior to the battle in New York, many of Iron Man’s superheroics were a bit, self centered. Here, he is genuinely fighting for his world, and hard. When S.H.I.E.L.D.’s board ignores Nick Fury and sends a bomb to destroy New York, Tony has the idea to take it up into the wormhole to kill the aliens, but he likely wouldn’t survive. Granted, we all knew sitting in the theater that a year later Iron Man 3 was coming out, but still, it was an emotionally charged end to the battle.


Photo Credit: “I am Iron Man” – Iron Man

It’s funny. A major superhero trope is the secret identity. But Tony Stark isn’t a fan, so after saving the city, S.H.I.E.L.D. instructs him to read off the cards to tell the press what happens. But Tony has a way bigger ego than that. Dodging questions and claims of being a superhero, from himself, he eventually gives up and just says “I am Iron Man”. The one and only.


What are your favorite Tony Stark moments? What are you most looking forward to in Iron Man 3? Tell us below!


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