Trainwreck Review: Don’t Believe the Title

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The name Judd Apatow has been thrown all over the place for a little over a decade, with varying degrees of success depending on what it’s attached to. Then there’s Amy Schumer, a comedian that has been on the map for most of this decade, but is having one hell of a year.

Having written the script for Trainwreck, the film certainly feels like its of the same mind as her stand-up specials and her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer. The film follows Amy (Shcumer), a magazine writer in New York bored by the men she brings home from the bar every week. She meets Aaron (Bill Hader), who she can’t believe she even likes but continues to grow closer with anyway.

There’s a rawness to Trainwreck‘s humor and romance that harkens back to When Harry Met Sally, but Schumer is also a feminist, something made clear by a number of hilarious throwaway lines. But the film hardly feels like it has an agenda. Schumer writes for both genders equally well, which is as it should be.

If there’s one black mark on the movie, and it is a big one, Schumer and Hader really don’t sell their romance at all. It’s actually jarring when Amy starts talking how much she likes him because their chemistry is just lacking. It’s tough to turn around a romantic comedy without the romance, but Schumer’s writing and Apatow’s direction sell the major plot points well enough and keep us laughing throughout.

Unlike some of Apatow’s other features, Trainwreck never feels overlong. Schumer proves herself as both a screenwriter and a leading lady. A better working romance aside, this film still comes out on top. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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