True Blood: “May Be the Last Time” Season 7 Episode 7 Review

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True Blood is officially three episodes away from ending its seven-year run. So, why is it moving so slowly?

I certainly think True Blood‘s final season has been an improvement over last summer’s aggressively mediocre entry. The show is making great strides to right its wrongs, and though it’s made a few missteps, it’s very encouraging to see the progress. Sookie feels like a fully-fledged character again, the Hep V virus now has some real relevancy, and Anna Camp’s hilarious Sarah Newlin is back causing mayhem.

All of these things are exciting, but now the show seems to have run into a timing problem. With all this work done to push itself out of last season’s corner, it’s nearing closer and closer to its big finish. Yet, it’s hard to really get excited when there hasn’t been any buildup. “May Be the Last Time,” while playing host to a slew of important plot points, had a supreme lack of urgency that made me concerned for what’s to come. After all, what is True Blood without its signature WTF moments?

One thing this episode certainly had going for it was heart. There were a handful of wonderfully nuanced scenes that allowed the characters to expand on the major growing points they’ve had this season. While it sometimes felt distracting from the central action at hand, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sam and Arlene discuss their happiness over shots of whiskey, as well as Andy and Holly wondering about their future while staring at a lakeside view. These scenes might not have been action-heavy, but after all the tragedy that’s happened this season, it’s nice to see how everyone’s trying to recuperate.

Then, of course, there were the scenes that felt totally useless. I really don’t know why we had to watch an entire plot about Adilyn and Wade deciding whether or not to have kinky sex, only to decide to have regular sex, and then get attacked by Violet in the end—something we all knew was coming. (Quick Aside: If Violet has this fancy mansion/sex den, why is she staying at Jason’s crappy house? End of Aside.) These two hardly needed to be in the episode at all. This could’ve given room for, oh, I don’t know, Lafayette and Lettie Mae to discover the message Tara was trying to send them. Instead, we saw them digging in Lettie Mae’s old backyard for a hot 30 seconds, and then they were never referenced again. I do like that Violet used Adilyn as a way of getting to Jessica, but this could’ve been dealt with much more quickly.

We also got more of Bill’s Civil War-era flashbacks this week, this time with a quasi-explanation for their existence. Sookie calls upon her fairy godfather Niall to see if his magic can somehow slow down the spreading of Bill’s Hep V. Niall tries to harness the energy around Bill’s house, only to resurface a memory of the birth of his daughter with his first wife. It seems these flashbacks are offering a sort of redemption for Bill after all the terrible things he did last season. As his days become increasingly numbered, we are being reminded of what a good person he is, and what a full life he’s had. It’s a nice sentiment, but to me it feels like a cop out. Maybe if the show hadn’t jumped ahead six months, we could’ve seen the work Bill did in his partnership with Sam. That would’ve been far more redeeming than watching him ride around in a horse-drawn carriage.

The one bright spot in this plotline is something that feels like it was a long time coming. Sookie realizes she’s running out of options in her hopes to cure Bill, and so she does the only thing she can think to do—stay by his side. In a scene that echoed their first night together way back in season 1, she runs to his house wearing a white dress and the two embrace. Sure, their sex scene wasn’t nearly as romantic thanks to Bill’s gross Hep V veins, but it’s really about time these two crazy kids got back together.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a final showdown for the fate of Sarah Newlin is put into place. This was simultaneously the most interesting and frustrating part of the hour. On one hand, Sarah’s descent into madness was very entertaining. On the other, it gave little for Eric and Pam to do besides take a nap and wait for night to fall once again. The episode ends with them tracking Sarah to the Fellowship of the Sun church for what I’m sure will be an exciting climax. It’s fairly clear that she’s not going to make it out of this show alive, but how her demise will come about should be interesting since she is now the cure for Hep V. I just hope this storyline isn’t delayed any longer.

A few other things happened involving an awkward reunion between Jason and Hoyt, as well as a budding romance between Keith and Arlene. These arcs had their moments, but I’m really just waiting for True Blood to stop wasting its time. With only three episodes to go, there’s a lot that needs to be wrapped up before this show goes off the air for good. I certainly hope things pick up next week, because it would be a real shame if the finale was anything but a bloodbath. Grade: B-


By Mike Papirmeister

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