True Detective: “Night Finds You” Season 2 Episode 2 Review

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Maybe True Detective should have just been a miniseries.

Know what’s frustrating? When only one actor in a talented ensemble feels like they’re actually acting and the show kills them off. The writing of Ray in these first two episodes may be inconsistent, but at least Colin Farrell is trying to connect the erratic motivations and emotions of his character to build a human being. That all came together in the best scene of tonight’s episode, when Ray’s ex tells him she’s going to fight for sole custody of his maybe son. Farrell is outstanding, finding a way to work around all the inconsistencies surrounding his character to make us feel something. It’s really the only complete scene of the season so far that has worked.

So watching him get shot and then pretty definitively dying was rage inducing. Now we’re just left with Vince Vaughn’s most boring performance ever, Taylor Kitsch continuing to fail at recreating the charm of Tim Riggins, and Rachel McAdams constantly picking up the faint smell of a fart. The only potential positive is that maybe the case itself will pick up some much needed steam now that one of the main cops investigating has been murdered.

“Night Finds You” was mostly just the leads explaining their backstory through occasionally painful exposition. It seems the writers forgot since last year that a sad childhood isn’t enough to get us to feel something.

Still, there are some moments of hope scattered throughout. Ray and Ani’s scenes in the car work pretty well, not Rust and Martin well, but well enough. The cinematography continues to impress, especially when the show emulates the classic noir look. Actually, some of the episode’s more hammy lines (yes Ray, smoking an e-cigarette is exactly like sucking a robot’s dick) get a pass with the show’s noirish tone. If True Detective wants to go full hard-boiled, by all means, it’ll be more interesting than what we’ve been getting.

So “Night Finds You” altogether wasn’t a complete disaster, but it was damn close. The subtraction of Farrell’s character is a major loss for the season, but maybe it will invite McAdams, Kitsch, or Vaughn to ham it up and chew some scenery. Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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