Veep: “Georgia” Season 6 Episode 3 Review

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In its first home run of the new season, Veep finally gets the band back together.

Selina’s post-presidential life has been somewhat of a struggle, both for the character herself and for us as viewers. There just isn’t the same frenetic energy and zippy comedic timing in her new world. Part of this has to do with the fact that her new duties don’t feel as urgent as everything she was dealing with in the White House. The larger part of this has to do with the fact that the show’s incredible ensemble has been scattered about in different, often listless, subplots.

Thankfully, “Georgia” is a welcome return to form. As Selina travels to the titular country to supervise their first democratic election, she is confronted with an interesting moral quandary, and greeted by a host of familiar faces. The setup—both Georgian presidential candidates offer her sizable donations to her library in order to secure her endorsement—gives Selina something far more engaging to do than what we’ve seen this season so far, and the fact that her old team is reunited makes the decision making process highly entertaining.

It’s simply delightful to see Selina back in a room with Ben, Kent, Mike, and, of course, Gary. Their interactions as a group are pulled off with Veep‘s signature precision, and smaller pairings—such as Gary and Mike accidentally voting, or Ben and Kent essentially shrugging when Selina goes to them for advice on who to back—work equally as well. When Selina walks up to Jonah and tells him she’s going to destroy him in ways so creative that they’ll honor her at the Kennedy Center for it, I nearly jumped with glee. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ delivery of that line is pitch perfect, and it was clear that Veep was going to start being fun again.

There are two pairings in this episode that really stand out against the rest, the first of which being Selina and her UN frenemy Minna Häkkinen. Returning guest star Sally Phillips is once again a gem as the Finnish ambassador, and it’s a thrill to watch her interact with Dreyfus and her constantly pained face. The idea of Minna believing that her and Selina have become gal pals is immediately hilarious, and Phillips’ enthusiam—especially when she divulges that one of the candidates is her lover—is fantastic.

The second pairing doesn’t really kick into high gear until the episode’s end, but even so, it’s nice to just see Jonah and Richard in a room together again. Their initial bantering proves just how good of a team they are together, with Richard’s constantly sunny disposition being an excellent foil to Jonah’s intensity. Seeing them accidentally end up at a neo-Nazi concert is a perfectly typical plotline for the two of them, and I hope there’s more of these ridiculous shenanigans to come. Also, Richard’s tourist hat joke was so dumb and yet it’s the loudest I laughed the entire episode, so of course I’m re-posting the photo below:

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Back in the US, Amy and Buddy go on CBS This Morning, which leads to a welcome reunion between her and Dan. It’s awkward, there’s forced laughter, and Dan makes several jokes at Amy’s expense. In other words, it was really, really great. The whole subplot seemed to be a means in which to get Amy away from Buddy and back on Team Meyer, which happens by the episode’s end. I’m all for this move, as Amy felt awash being his campaign manager. She belongs back with Selina, even if she totally hates it.

In the end, Selina loses out on any major investment in her library, as the winning candidate gets arrested for his corruption, and Georgia’s version of Gary is put in office. Even though she was forced to pick between the lesser of two evils—essentially, whoever was going to give her the most money—it was a nice comedic touch to see everything blow up in her and her team’s faces at the end. Veep‘s characters aren’t always lovable, but the more they lose, we win. I’m so happy the show’s focus is back on-track. Now that Team Meyer is re-assembling, I can’t wait to see what they’ll fuck up next. Grade: A-


Some Other Notes:

  • So Dan is going to be the sperm donor for Catherine and Marjorie’s baby, which I guess is how he’ll be brought back into the fold. I’m interested to see how Selina takes this.


  • Stephen Fry is great as one of the Georgian Presidential candidates, and major props to the makeup department for his truly terrifying poison face.


  • “Amy, who’s your favorite character on Downton Abbey?” “I don’t know…Abbey, I guess?”


By Mike Papirmeister

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