Watch the Trailer For The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance!

Three years later…

Barely a month after Book 3 ended, Nickelodeon has Book 4 of The Legend of Korra, subtitled Balance, all set and ready to go. That means that we’ve got a trailer. But as the preview indicates, the short weeks between Book 3 and Book 4 won’t be the same for Avatar Korra, as her story will leap forward three years.

Check out the trailer below, as well as our in-depth analysis of what’s to come for this beloved series (except not by Nickelodeon).

Phew, okay, I know, it’s awesome. Now let’s take a deeper dive into what the almost dialogueless trailer tells us about Book 4: Balance.

Let’s start with the three year time jump. Book 2: Spirits was only six months after Book 1: Air. Book 3: Change was only two weeks after the end of Book 2. So why are we jumping three years now for the final season? Clearly, it’s time for the world to change again. Korra will no longer be a teenager, making The Legend of Korra officially an adult show. When we left off in Book 3, she was in a wheelchair, the Earth Kingdom was in disarray, and Tenzin and Jinora were leading the new airbenders on a quest of peace. Book 4 might not be about any of those things, which is probably a good thing. The title alone suggest that this season will be more Korra centric than its predecessor. The rest of the trailer indicates that as well.

Next we see a shot of Korra cutting her hair. Asami appears to be sporting a new style as well. Is this an indication of them maturing?

Next we get the title card of the season over a seemingly metal emblem. Considering the Book 3 trailer had the title card over the Red Lotus emblem, could our villains in Book 4 be metalbenders? With how Kuvira heavy the trailer is, it looks like it.

Kuvira was introduced as one of Suyin’s metalbending officers in the first part of the Book 3 finale. She saved Tonraq from falling to his death. But in Book 4, she appears to be leading an army. This army includes a new type of mechatanks (feeding those rumors about Hiroshi Sato’s return from earlier this week) and a whole lot of metalbenders. Could this be the new Earth Kingdom? Korra even seems to be being sucked into a liquid metal pool at one point.

This new force’s uniform can be seen on a few familiar faces throughout the trailer. Namely Bolin, Suyin, and Varrick. Bolin is likely working undercover or something and that’s just Suyin’s normal attire, but Varrick was last seen with the Metal Clan at Zaofu. Is he working for the enemy?

Moving on. Let’s talk about the airbenders. No longer are they using measly sticks to glide around, now they have parachute suit things! With the airbenders working essentially as Jedi, they got a cool new uniform to go with their new role. We see, Jinora and her siblings, Kai, and Opal sporting this throughout the trailer. It looks awesome.

That said, we barely get any Tenzin in this trailer. Come to think of it, Bumi and Kya don’t appear at all. Neither does Lin. The older characters seem to be taking a step back for the younger ones in Book 4. However, we did get a brief glimpse at Zuko and his daughter, Katara trying to heal Korra, and then the kicker at the end where Korra apparently sees Toph.

Speaking of Toph, there are several clips in the preview of Korra fighting in an arena that doesn’t appear to be too different from the one Aang fought Toph in when they first met in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The end of the trailer features a lot of spirit-y shots of Korra. First she’s in the Avatar state and someone walks past her and she disappears. Then we see her walking towards one of the portals. Finally, she stands still in the Spirit World as space moves her forward. This season likely won’t just be about Korra and Team Avatar vs. a bunch of metalbenders.

So there you have it folks. The trailer for the final season of The Legend of Korra has been released. Take a look and give us your own thoughts in the comments section. Be sure to show the series your love by watching it Friday Oct. 3 on!

By Matt Dougherty

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