Which Spider-man Movie Universe is Better? Sam Raimi vs. Marc Webb

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Now that The Amazing Spider-man is in theaters, it is the perfect time to see which universe works better. Who is a better Spider-man? What about Aunt May? Who is Peter Parker’s best movie love? All that and more below.





Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey Maguire

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These two honestly feel like completely different characters. The Peter Parker of the Sam Raimi movies was a nice guy who was still shy even after he gained his powers. Spider-man was a hero first and foremost and would never hit a cop. The new Peter Parker has a chip on his shoulder. More accurate to the comics, Garfield’s Spider-man has a lot to say while he’s fighting, most of which is hysterical. He is a meaner Spider-man, which works a bit better for the character since Peter Parker should be an angry character. Plus that amazing scene on the bridge with the kid. That was so Spider-man.

Winner: Andrew Garfield


Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) vs. Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst)

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Each of these love interests perfectly reflects the tone of their respective films. Stone’s Gwen Stacy has a bit of a mouth on her, while Dunst’s MJ is a sweet heart. Both romances are believable. That being said, there was nothing like Raimi’s build up to the Peter-MJ relationship in his films in The Amazing Spider-man. I look forward to more of Gwen Stacy in the future, but for now, the romance of old is just too classic to forget.

Winner: Mary Jane


Sally Field vs. Rosemary Harris

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In those first two Sam Raimi films, when Peter doesn’t know who to confide to, Aunt May pulls the rug out from under him and says whatever he needs to hear. It feels like Rosemary Harris’ May knew what her nephew was doing. Sally Field did a good job in the reboot, but honestly she can’t compare.

Winner: Rosemary Harris


Martin Sheen vs. Cliff Robertson

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This is a tough one because both Uncle Bens did such a phenomenal job bringing the emotion to the story. Sure, Martin Sheen’s version never really says the classic “with great power…” line, but Sheen is just such a fantastic actor. Cliff Robertson gave a better speech but the connection between him and Peter was much stronger in the reboot.

Winner: Martin Sheen


The Origin

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The Amazing Spider-man went into a lot more detail making the origin the main plot of the movie, rather than the villain. The reboot may end with a huge battle with the Lizard, but it still feels like Spidey is learning how to be Spider-man. The 2002 version could almost be two movies, part one being the origin and part two being the conflicts with the Green Goblin. The origin is also a bit more believable as to why Peter Parker starts protecting the city in the reboot rather than the montage we get half way through Raimi’s version.

Winner: The Amazing Spider-man


The Villains

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The Lizard may not have been exactly how he was in the comics, but look and special effect wise he was a cool villain. But he was no Dock Ock. No he was more on the same level as Sandman, who was the best villain in Spider-man 3 (yeah, not saying much). But one very interesting thing that the reboot did was keep Norman Osborn in the background. This approach has already shown that Marc Webb and co. have big plans for Spidey’s  nemesis, and for now they are far more promising than the Power Ranger version of the Goblin we got back in 2002. But that is still in the future.

Winner: Sam Raimi’s trilogy


The Action

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Every Spider-man flick has great action. Spider-man vs. Green Goblin in Time Square. Spider-man and Harry vs. Sandman and Venom. Spider-man vs. the Lizard in the high school. Oh, and every fight between Spidey and Dock Ock. The special effects and the fights are incredible now, but nothing beats that fight on the train in Spider-man 2. Let’s call it even.

Winner: Tie


Do you agree with these picks? What are your favorite or least favorite parts of the original trilogy and the new reboot? Sound off below!

4 Responses to Which Spider-man Movie Universe is Better? Sam Raimi vs. Marc Webb

  1. Joe says:

    i disagree with the uncle ben part and the better spiderman part the rest is pretty accurate

  2. steve says:

    I agree with Joe because is better the acting of cliff than martin and when the uncle ben die in Spider-man I felt the connection of the Uncle Ben and Peter but now in The Amazing Spider-man is very dry the moment.

  3. kong says:

    Was J. Jonah Jameson in the reboot (haven’t seen it yet)? If he is, then how does he compare to J.K. Simmons?

  4. afficionado says:

    I agree with some statements and disagree with others. I don’t think Andrew Garfield did a better job than Tobey Maguire — they tied. As Peter Parker, Maguire is shy, awkward and nerdy (like Peter Parker should be). Andrew Garfield is, well, a bit too cool. Peter Parker does not gain the confidence to stand up to bullies until after he becomes Spider-Man. I don’t blame Garfield for this portrayal. I blame the writing. Between Martin Sheen and Cliff Robertson, I’d choose Robertson. Sheen seems too… angry. Uncle Ben is supposed to be a kind, level headed, ideal type of an elderly male role model, and Robertson nails it. The origin: definitely NOT The Amazing Spider-Man. One, the spider is supposed to bite Peter Parker on the hand. There is no reason to change this from the comic. But also, it does not make sense how Peter Parker was able to infiltrate Oscorp (essentially like NASA but a thousand times more ridiculously secure because its from a comic book) and enter a top secret room where radioactive spiders were… doing something, it’s never made clear. And then after gaining his powers, he just decides to become a superhero. Raimi’s way of showing Peter using his powers like any normal teenager would — to make money — makes a lot more sense. Peter is supposed to grow into his role of Spider-Man, not just BAM become it.

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