Which Superhero Movie Won 2014?

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With Guardians of the Galaxy finally in theaters, that’s a wrap on 2014’s superhero movies. So now it’s time to digest all the geekdom culture changes that occurred this year. With Guardians, and Captain America: The Winter SoldierThe Amazing Spider-man 2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past before it, this was a huge year for the men in tights at the movies. Here are some of the most significant bests and worsts of the year. (WARNING: Spoilers for all four movies mention above!)


Best Hero(es): Rocket and Groot. Should they be separated? Not a chance. The two weirdest superheroes of the year are a raccoon and a humanoid tree. The inseparable pair are like an acid trip version of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Together, they give Guardians of the Galaxy an offbeat set of pathos that really works. Runner Up: Charles Xavier. Both future and past. ‘Nuff said.



Worst Hero: Drax the Destroyer. This character just didn’t work for me. His dialogue was awful and Dave Bautista’s delivery was even worse. I get that was “the point”, but that’s a hard point to make when you have four other legitimately great characters on the same team. Runner Up: Every poor character in Days of Future Past who got either no screen time or dialogue (looking at you Bishop).

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Best Villain: Mystique. There isn’t a better character in the latest X-Men outing than Raven Darkholme. Arguably not a villain, she still did a lot of bad things throughout Days of Future Past. But the fact that we agree with her so wholeheartedly and have to debate what side she’s on is what makes her the most effective supervillain of the year. Runner Up: Magneto of the past because #stadiumlift and Michael Fassbender.

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Worst Villain: Green Goblin. Why is Sony Pictures doing this to us? Didn’t they learn from Spider-man 3 not to do emo haircuts? Does Dane DeHaan think he’s in Twilight? Why does his makeup look like it’s meant for a stage production? Are we secretly watching a taping of Spider-man: Turn off the Dark? I’ll even take Willem Dafoe’s Power Ranger version of the Goblin over this. Runner Up: Electro because that origin story has literally got to be a joke.

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Best Romance: Peter and Gwen. The one redeeming quality of The Amazing Spider-man 2. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone once again nailed the Peter/Gwen romance. Their chemistry is far more electrifying than any scene with Electro. Yet it also ends in tragedy, teaching one of the hardest lessons of love: moving on. Runner Up: Meh. How about that plutonic relationship between Captain America and Black Widow though? Three cheers for not forcing a romance!

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Best Action: Captain America: The Winter SoldierThe second Captain America was practically an exercise in how to shoot hand-to-hand combat. From the opening scene on the boat to the final showdown between Cap and the Winter Solider, the action was always breathtaking but never over-the-top. Runner Up: X-Men: Days of Future Past for the time when Storm and Magneto used the X-Jet to destroy a ton of Sentinels. Oh, and #stadiumlift.

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Best Superpower: Quicksilver. There was not a cooler scene this summer than Pietro Maximoff’s method of getting everyone out of the Pentagon prison. Funny and gorgeously shot, it’s actually sad that Quicksilver is so quick to leave the main story almost immediately after. Runner Up: Blink. You get a wormhole! And you get a wormhole!

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Funniest Moment: The prosthetic leg. The best gag in Guardians of the Galaxy has Rocket instructing Star-Lord to steal a prisoner’s prosthetic leg for when they escape the prison. Once he’s got the leg and inquires why Rocket needed it, the little raccoon just laughs and imagines the victim hopping around. See? Marvel can be run by Disney AND include dark humor. Runner Up: Groot dancing his way back to life. The next three runners up are all probably from Guardians as well.

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Best Post-Credits Sequence: X-Men: Days of Future PastThis was a year of lousy post-credit sequences. Captain America had an all-too vague reveal of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch. Guardians’ was essentially a punchline, and not a great one at that. The Amazing Spider-man 2 just showed a scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was coming out three weeks later. So that leaves the enticing look at Ancient Egypt at the end of X-Men. We see the famous villain Apocalypse as a child and his four horsemen. Yes, I’ll buy a ticket in 2016. Runner Up: Guardians of the Galaxy I guess, because I did laugh. Just not a hard as I think they wanted me to.

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Best Cameo: Hayley Atwell in Captain America: The Winter SoldierOne of the most powerful and universe-connecting scenes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier had Steve Rogers visiting a dying Peggy Carter in the hospital. It’s rare that a cameo can have such a strong emotional effect, but just try not to get misty-eyed watching the scene and thinking of all the history these two should have shared but didn’t. Runner Up: The X-Men: The Last Stand retcon that brings back Famke Jannsen as Jean Grey and James Marsden as Cyclops. Now the whole team is back together again.

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Most Wasted Character: Storm. Come on! She’s been in four f*cking X-Men movies and the only one she has any meaty material in is the one Brett Ratner directed. Did she have to be the first character to die in the future? When is Bryan Singer going to realize just how awesome Storm is? Runner Up: Rhino. The only watchable villain from The Amazing Spider-man 2 gets just two scenes. Two!

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Biggest Nerdgasm: Xavier meets Xavier. Superhero movies have a lot of nergasms, but nothing this year had fans moaning in their chairs like when James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart shared a brief but beautiful scene together in X-Men: Days of Future Past that had the two Xaviers meet. Oh, the power of time travel. Runner Up: Thanos finally showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy as almost a real character! Rejoice!

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Worst Makeup: Electro. Ugh. Electro is a pretty easy villain to make look awesome. But for some reason, we got a member of the Blue Man Group that looks like he just got back from a weekend bender at Electric Zoo. Runner Up: There was something really off-putting about Kelsey Grammar’s Beast makeup in Days of Future Past.

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Best Makeup: Nebula. The folks who did Electro should take note, this is how you make someone disappear under “movie magic” and make them look awesome. Nebula may not have had the most screen time in Guardians of the Galaxy, but every moment she showed up she was the only thing you wanted to look at. Runner Up: Mystique, obviously.

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2015 Most Anticipated: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Well it ain’t Ant-Man or the Fantastic Four reboot with Jaime Bell as the Thing. That said, everything coming out of San Diego ComicCon a few weeks ago points to Avengers: Age of Ultron being really, really awesome. Cap’s shield it broken. Iron Man pulls out the Hulkbuster armor. Ultron seems terrifying. For the Avengers, you can bet on lightning striking twice. Runner Up: Is Batman v. Superman in 2015? Not anymore? Then Star Wars because next year is weak.

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2014’s Worst Superhero Movie: The Amazing Spider-man 2If you’ve gotten this far in my rambling, you know one thing: I really hated The Amazing Spider-man 2. It’s like Sony forgot why they had to do a reboot in the first place and made all the same mistakes as Spider-man 3. Electro and Green Goblin were cartoonish, while the subplot involving Peter’s parents was a complete snooze. I honestly believe, and I know this is extreme, that this film is the Spider-man equivalent of Batman & Robin. Runner Up: None. The other three movies were all great.

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2014’s Best Superhero Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past. Days of Future Past is a powerful film for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest is that it is a franchise movie well aware of the faults within its own franchise. The seventh X-Men is a reminder of what we loved about those early films, while giving us a ton of great new material to chew on. Enough classic and new characters get their moment to shine that the movie comes together as the most well thought out X-Men to date. Runner Up: Captain America: The Winter Soldier for actually having something huge happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of an Avengers movie.

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What do you think of our picks? Let us know below!

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