Which Superhero Movie Won 2015?

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With Fantastic Four hitting theaters this weekend, we’ve reached the end of what 2015 has to offer in terms of superhero movies. I think we can all agree there have been better years for the genre. But there is still certainly a lot to talk about! There were more obvious highs and lows this year than in years past, but there were also a few big surprises. So here’s our wrap-up of this year’s superheroes at the cinema.


Best Hero: We’ve reached a point in this golden age of nerdom where we don’t even have to state how perfect Robert Downey Jr. is as Iron Man, that Chris Hemsworth fully embodies Thor, and Chris Evans was born to play Captain America. Even the movies themselves have stopped giving them all the meatiest material. But a new, much smaller hero joined their ranks in 2015. Paul Rudd came and surprised us all as Ant-Man, being perfect in his own right while feeling different from every other Avenger. Of all the new sueperheroes we saw adapted this summer, he’s the one I want to see more of immediately. Winner: Ant-Man

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Worst Hero: The Avengers have their weak points, but this is a clear race between four not-so-fantastic superheroes. Considering Kate Mara was the best thing about the movie, which isn’t saying much, and Michael B. Jordan looked like he could be better with better material, Invisible Woman and Human Torch are off the hook. Miles Teller looked bored as Mr. Fantastic, but its Jaime Bell’s Thing that was stripped of everything that makes the character interesting. There was no humor or sense of tragedy. The character was as unremarkable as his name. Winner: Thing

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Best Villain: Not a great slew of villains this year. I guess it would go to James Spader’s sinister sounding but weirdly characterized Ultron. But there’s a bigger villain ruining superhero potential this summer. 20th Century Fox, a studio that has put out a number of great X-Men films, phoned-in a Fantastic Four reboot that was somehow worse than the films that ruined the franchise to begin with. There was no darker force working against superheroes this year than a studio going for a cash-grab just to keep another studio that has proved themselves creatively to do better than them. Winner: 20th Century Fox

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Worst Villain: Going off the same thought, the worst villain was obviously Dr. Doom. Ultron leaned on the positive side and Yellowjacket was innocently unremarkable. But Doom, one of Marvel’s best foes, had nothing going for him in Fantastic Four. Absolutely nothing. Winner: Dr. Doom

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Most Redeemed Character: Okay, let’s talk about something positive. The most common complaint about 2012’s otherwise outstanding The Avengers is Hawkeye. Age of Ultron took more than a few steps to remedy that and 100% succeeded. The bow-wielding hero got a refreshingly normal family and a lot more to do in the sequel. He now feels like the most grounded hero on the team. Winner: Hawkeye

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Most Unnecessary Romance: Superhero movies tend to feature romances that just don’t matter, to the point where it’s notable when a film like Captain America: The Winter Soldier features a strong male and female platonic relationship. Well, the worst thing about Avengers: Age of Ultron was the Hulk/Black Widow love story. Suddenly, a strong female superhero needed a man in her life. It wasn’t quite the anti-feminist squabble some people called it out for being, but it was definitely superfluous. Winner: Black Widow and Hulk

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Best Fight: There were some great battles in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the two most innovative and fun action scenes came in a much smaller form. Ant-Man’s fight with Falcon at the Avengers headquarters was one of the most enjoyable superhero battles ever. But nothing matches the culmination of the film’s unique tone, mixing humor with personal drama, than the end fight between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket in the bedroom of Scott Lang’s daughter. Winner: Ant-Man vs. Yellowjacket

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Best End Credits Stinger: Fantastic Four didn’t even bother. Age of Ultron did some more Thanos teasing. So again, it was left to Ant-Man to pick up the slack. It did so twice, first with Hope van Dyne claiming “It’s about damn time” she became the Wasp, and second with Falcon telling Captain America that Ant-Man can free Winter Soldier from whatever he’s trapped in. The second is cool and teases next summer’s Captain America: Civil War. But the first promises to start remedying a notable problem with Marvel movies: the lack of female superheroes. Winner: “It’s about damn time.”

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Best Overall Moment: This was an easy one. Joss Whedon is best when writing his larger-than-life characters in everyday situations, using humor to explore their dynamic. In this case, the Avengers are all partying together, and everyone tries to lift Thor’s hammer. It’s a warm, funny scene that makes great use of all its characters before everything goes to hell. Winner: Everyone tries to lift Thor’s hammer


Worst Overall Moment: It’s got to be from Fantastic Four. Hulk and Black Widow’s romance doesn’t ever reach that level of terribleness. After an hour or so of extended origin stories focusing on science over character, the characters finally get their powers. It’s time for the fun to start. Except the movie then jumps a year, skipping all the fun power discovery scenes and going right into the climax out of nowhere. It’s the moment the movie went from bad to unforgivable. Winner: One year later…

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2016’s Most Anticipated: So long as Gambit and Doctor Strange come together as planned, there will be seven total superhero movies in 2016, two from Marvel, two from DC, and three from Fox’s X-Men camp. Considering we haven’t seen anything from the aforementioned films, it’s hard to get excited about them. The two surefires of the year are Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse. Then there’s the three big gambles, DeadpoolBatman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. All show promise, but could fall flat on their faces. Suicide Squad though just looks absolutely insane. It having the first live-action version of Harley Quinn is just enough to put it as the movie that makes us most excited for next year. Winner: Suicide Squad


Worst Movie: If you’ve gotten to this point in the article, or saw it, you know it’s Fantastic Four. The biggest insult to comic book fans of the decade, this half of a movie skipped all the good parts. It’s characters lacked everything that made them interesting in the comics. There was no sense of fun. This movie is terrible in so many ways. Winner: Fantastic Four

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Best Movie: So that leaves the two films Marvel Studios gave us vying for the top spot. Avengers: Age of Ultron was a lot of fun, but also a lot messier than its predecessor. Ant-Man on the other hand was joyful, fun, and refreshingly small. Paul Rudd was in top form as the latest superhero to join the Marvel canon. Now we have another character we can’t wait to see again, something we never expected of this third tier superhero. Winner: Ant-Man

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What were your favorite parts about this year’s superhero movies? What did you hate about them? Let us know in the comments!


By Matt Dougherty


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