Which Superhero Won Summer 2012?

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Every summer we flock to theaters to see superheroes save people. It has become oddly ritualistic matter of fact. Regardless, this summer we had three standout superhero movies: The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-man, and The Dark Knight Rises. All three movies were good, if not great, which should make this summer’s annual article a bit more interesting (last summer X-men: First Class was clearly the best, and Green Lantern was clearly the worst). But be warned, spoilers for all three movies follow.



Photo Credit: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/161559825.html?refer=yBest Origin- Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-man

The tale of how Peter Parker becomes Spider-man is a classic one and was done wonderfully in The Amazing Spider-man. A close second would have to be John Blake, who Christopher Nolan so cleverly placed as a Robin type figure in The Dark Knight Rises. But in the end, Blake never really puts on a costume. Plus, Andrew Garfield was just so great as Spidey.




Photo Credit: http://keithandthemovies.wordpress.com/Best Visual Style- The Dark Knight Rises

You can’t go wrong with Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan’s go to DP. He plays as much of a role in making the final part of this great trilogy as epic as it feels. Plus Batman never gets one of the incredibly annoying POV shots like Spider-man did.




Photo Credit: http://www.buzzsugar.com/Avengers-Movie-Review-22944865Best Action- The Avengers

Cap and Iron Man vs. Loki. Hulk vs. Thor. The Avengers vs. Loki and his massive army. The action was incredible in this ensemble superhero flick. Sure, the finale battle in The Dark Knight Rises and the fight in the high school in The Amazing Spider-man are fantastic, but neither lives up to one of the greatest action sequences ever filmed as the Avengers save Manhattan, and the world, from an evil race of aliens.



Photo Credit: http://screenrant.com/dark-knight-rises-catwoman-images-kofi-164297/Best Love Interest- Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Well it wasn’t going to be Tal…I mean Miranda Tate! Of course, Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy was great too, but Hathaway proved everyone wrong and created a perfect Catwoman. Starting out as a villain, and slowly developing as an ally, the few romantic moments we get between her and Batman are more sexually charged than anything in any other superhero film.



Photo Credit: http://www.thesportshero.com/?p=2212Best Villain- Tom Hardy as Bane

I am trying to give as many movies these titles as possible, but the near perfection of The Dark Knight Rises is making that incredibly difficult. Realistically, Catwoman should get this one, but she didn’t stay a villain long enough for me to do that. Loki came close as he improved much since last summer’s Thor. But it had to go to Bane. The guy not only broke Batman’s back but proceeded to bring Gotham City to the brink of destruction more than any other villain. And then you felt bad for him…


Photo Credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/filmreviews/9403551/Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-first-review.htmlBest Hero- Christian Bale as Batman

We had more superheroes in three movies than ever before in the summer of 2012. Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-man, Batman, and to some degree even Catwoman and Robin could be considered amongst this summer’s heroes. But one stands out above the rest and that is Batman. Bale gave his best performance in the trilogy for the third go around as we saw Bruce Wayne come over his guilt and save a city like so few superheroes have before on the big screen. Unbelievable.


Photo Credit: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/the-dark-knight-rises/images/30989937/title/dark-knight-rises-wallpaperBest Movie Overall- The Dark Knight Rises

As if you could not have guessed based on my picks for all the other categories. But this movie deserves it. No superhero movie has done what this one has before and it is doubtful we will see it again anytime soon. Both The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-man were great but neither makes me nearly as emotion as Chris Nolan’s final Batman film.




Do you agree with my picks in all of these categories? Who would you pick? Sound off below!

One Response to Which Superhero Won Summer 2012?

  1. James West says:

    I would say The Avengers wins in humor. I would also add a “Best Geek Moment”…which, I would give to either “Robin” in TDKR or “I’m Always Angry” in The Avengers, both of which made me giddy. The latter, and the following circle shot, actually made me teary eyed.

    The Avengers was not just like watching a comic book unfold on screen- it was like watching an excellent comic book unfold on screen in an excellent manner.

    The essential difference between The Avengers and TDKR (Because, lets face it, as good as ASM was, I don’t think it holds a candle to the two best superhero flicks ever made) is the same as the essential difference between a team book and a solo book.

    A team book explores the characters- light on plot, heavy on interaction between the characters, and how they help develop each other.

    A solo book, since the focus is on one character and their supporting cast, has to worry less about that and has the opportunity to thrive thematically. This is not to say the characters weren’t well developed in TDKR, I’d say the opposite. But, you go much more character interaction in The Avengers I felt. It’s so hard for me to say which one I like more. I need to see TDKR again…

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