Wolverine’s Top 10 Movie Moments

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He’s the best at what he does, and what he does is entertain us movie after movie. No matter how you feel about some of the lesser X-men films, Hugh Jackman is a perfect Wolverine. He’s as much of an asset to the superhero film world as Robert Downey Jr., although he was here first. This marks the 13th year and sixth movie of Jackman’s iconic portrayal. With The Wolverine hitting theaters this week, now is the perfect time to reflect on the smart aleck, rage machine we’ve grown to love.



Photo Credit:http://www.alicia-logic.com/capspages/caps_viewall.asp?hidName=Hugh+Jackman10. The Metal Detector- X-men

The rivalry between Wolverine and Cyclops in Singer’s two films provides a lot of comic relief. The best of which is when they enter the Statue of Liberty. Wolverine walks through a metal detector, setting it off, obviously. He stabs it and leaves his middle claw standing for Cyclops, who then snickers. It’s one of the smaller scenes that reminds us why Jackman is so perfect in the role.


Photo Credit:http://x-men.wikia.com/wiki/Jean_Grey_(X-Men_movies)9. Doing What Has to be Done- X-men: The Last Stand

It’s hard to praise Brett Ratner’s disappointing trilogy closer. But the climax was really awesome. Wolverine has to do the unthinkable, kill the woman he loves. It’s a special effects heavy scene with just enough emotion carried over from Singer’s movies that it lands just well enough. It’s a moment that appears to haunt Logan further into The Wolverine.


Photo Credit:http://whatculture.com/film/10-final-fights-that-could-have-saved-x-men-the-last-stand.php/78. Wolverine vs. Sabretooth- X-men

When Hugh Jackman was first cast as Wolverine a major question fans had was whether Sabretooth would appear. While Tyler Mane was hardly the Victor Creed we wanted him to be, the fight he and Wolverine shared on the head of the Statue of Liberty was perfectly beastly. It was the moment X-fans had been waiting for.



Photo Credit:http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=4006997. Drinks of Future Past- X-men: First Class

The only of the five films Jackman didn’t star in at least contains a brief, yet hysterical cameo. As young Xavier and Magneto search for mutants to train, they enter a bar to question one particular fan-favorite. Logan’s response? “Go f*ck yourself.” He’s not even the star and he steals the show. He really is the best at what he does.



Photo Credit:http://xmenmovies.wikia.com/wiki/File:Wolverine_vs_mystique.jpg6. Wolverine vs. Mystique- X-men

While Wolverine did face off with his comic book rival in the same movie, his fight with Mystique trumps it as the two do a rugged dance to take each other down. Mystique is creepy as she morphs into the hero, giving us a partial Wolverine vs. Wolverine, which is just too cool to pass up for this list.



Photo Credit:http://thepunkeffect.com/?p=71915. The Bar- X-men

This is Wolverine’s introduction, and it is perfect. It’s incredible to see Jackman bring him to life so perfectly in this scene in which he takes down a threatening bar patron and the bartender. It’s scary, yet so wonderfully satisfying. It didn’t take long for Jackman to show us why he was cast as the most famous of X-men.



Photo Credit:http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/x2_xmen_united/news/1922665/marvel_movie_madness_part_11_x2_x-men_united/4. Wolverine vs. Deathstrike- X2: X-men United

There are several unforgettable hero-on-villain fights in comic book movie lore. Spider-man and Doc Ock on the train. Batman flipping the Joker’s truck. Wolverine meeting his counterpart in the climax of the best X-men movie ranks up there with the best. It’s a brutal and bloody fight between two warriors who shouldn’t even be at odds. Deathstrike was a ton of fun to watch as Wolverine fought harder than ever. It was the first sign of what a superhero movie could accomplish with its action sequences.


Photo Credit:http://www.alicia-logic.com/capspages/caps_viewall.asp?titleid=20&start=163. Comforting Rogue- X-men

Wolverine is tough as nails, but two women are capable of hitting his heart. The first is Jean, Logan’s taken love interest. The second is Rogue, a young girl with a dangerous mutation. Logan becomes a father figure to the lost teenager, creating the heart of the first film. In this scene, Rogue runs away, and Wolverine is the only one able to bring her back. At least until Magneto tears the train in two…


Photo Credit:http://www.scifi-movies.com/english/long-0002644-x-men-2-2003.htm2. Stryker Invades the Mansion- X2: X-men United

X-men was great. But X2 upped the ante by so much. One defining sequence sees William Stryker invading the X-Mansion with Wolverine as the only member of X-men around. It’s one of the best scenes in any superhero movie as Wolverine unleashes his signature berserker rage on Stryker’s troops. Being nothing short of epic, this was a key scene in Jackman’s defining of the character.


Photo Credit:http://eriklundegaard.com/item/movie-review-x2-20031. Wolverine Chooses the X-men- X2: X-men United

Wolverine’s journey throughout Singer’s first two film sees him wanting to find out where he came from and who he is. In his final confrontation with William Stryker, the man who created him, Wolverine decides his past isn’t important, and heads off into the sunset with the X-men. It’s such a huge payoff and a bold move to not elaborate on who this man was before the procedure. This is a moment that shows the true nature of Wolverine’s heroism and courage, making it the best of the best for the character.


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