World War Z Review: An Epic Zombie Flick Lacking a Soul

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Not even 10 minutes into World War Z do the zombies come running. The time spent in those moments before develops the central family of the story as an unrealistically happy couple with two adorable daughters. It’s as if The Brady Bunch is combatting the undead instead of a football to Marsha’s nose. But then again, maybe Mike Brady is the perfect man to halt the apocalypse.

Zombie fans everywhere will likely find a lot to love about World War Z. It’s scary, tense, and action-packed. This type of genre film is not without its absurdities. This iteration of the undead respond to sound (as in, if they hear you, they’ll come get you). Funny how that works.

But that’s hardly the problem here. The film has no shortage of epic zombie action sequences. The key word being epic. How director Marc Forster built the scope of the story is incredible. It’s big, chaotic, and never lets up.

Which makes it too bad that the characters lack any depth whatsoever. It’s such a shame to see the talents of Brad Pitt, who carries the whole damn movie on his ability keep you looking at him, were wasted on such an empty character.

He’s also one of maybe five total characters that are recognizable through the chaos.

What we end up with is the Independence Day of zombie films. It has a massive scope and is wildly entertaining. But there’s no meat, nothing to chew on to make you remember the movie once the credits are over.

However, zombie classics are hard to come by. It might be a long time before we get the next 28 Days Later. So to pass the time, you could do much much worse than World War ZGrade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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