You’re The Worst: “Fix Me, Dummy” Season 3 Episode 2 Review

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The second episode of the season presents even more setup, but it’s clear that big things are right around the corner.

You’re the Worst might take its cues from traditional rom-coms, but it’s much more inventive and specific in the way it goes about executing their various tropes. We’re only two episodes in, but this season already seems to be a fan of the slow burn; there are things stewing below the surface, but it might take a while before there’s an explosion. Sure, “Fix Me, Dummy” doesn’t really compare to some of this series’ best episodes, but it’s a solid entry, and I have a feeling that the payoff will be huge down the road.

This episode uses its larger A and B plotlines to continue to spool out the main character arcs of the season, while the smaller C and D plotlines are mined for some great comedy. Gretchen attends her first therapy session this week, which means we were introduced to Samira Wiley’s therapist Justina. Not much can be gleaned from Justina in this episode—she pretty much plays professional except for one brief moment when she talks about her boyfriend—but it’s nice to see Wiley in a much different role than Poussey.

The real meat of this narrative comes from Gretchen’s extreme reluctance to attend therapy at all. In her opinion, her depression is something that can be “beat,” and the “happy pills” she’s taking should just fix everything on their own. Gretchen is stubborn and cynical, so it makes sense that she’d ream out Justina and claim that therapy is a bunch of BS. Still, there’s a part of Gretchen that does want to grow and improve, and one of the most interesting things about her character is watching this part try to fight against her more lethargic tendencies. In the end, she agrees to continue her sessions, and even takes on the task of opening her neglected mail (but more on that in a little).

The other major storyline of the week centers around Edgar, who’s already having an increasingly interesting trajectory this season. Edgar has to help Dorothy move into her new apartment in WeHoCa (west of the homeless encampment), but his obsessive nature takes over when he sees fellow veterans who are still living in a tent city. Though there are a number of funny moments as Edgar tries to use his improv skills to help the homeless people write clever signs, the real issue at hand eventually seeps through.

Edgar’s confrontation with Dorothy isn’t a blowout argument, but it’s tense because we know that there’s so much left unresolved. Yes, he is technically right in saying that these people need more help than Dorothy needs help moving in, but the truth is that he’s using the homeless as a way to deflect from how unsure he is about the future of his relationship. The tipping point hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s not too far away.

Lest you forget that You’re The Worst is a comedy, “Fix Me, Dummy’s” subplots do great work to bring in the laughs. Jimmy finally finishes his book proposal and is at first reluctant to take any notes from Edgar, who is all to eager to give them. Eventually, he’s able to accept the help he needs…even if it’s from a random group of people he meets while accompanying Edgar and Dorothy on their move. You’re the Worst doesn’t often go into great detail when it comes to Jimmy’s writing, so it was hilarious to actually hear snippets of the “erotic” thriller he’s hoping to get published.

Finally, Lindsay spends the day—well, the beginning of the day—taking care of Paul, which is made all the more funny by the fact that she wears a sexy nurse costume throughout the episode and no one comments on it. Lindsay is able to convince Paul that he backed into her knife, and eventually takes pseudo-responsibilty for it (she really takes responsibility for leaving him alone for the day, and then pretends this absolves her of everything). I would’ve liked to see Paul react more strongly to what happened than just moaning around in pain and taking her words at face value, but again, this could be something that’s just around the corner.

Each of the main characters are forced this week to make a change in their lives. They do, even if it’s a half-hearted change, or they’re basically dragged into it kicking and screaming. What’s so fascinating about You’re The Worst is how it shows how difficult it is to truly outgrow your steadfast habits, even if you know how damaging they are. Perhaps this is because, as “Fix Me, Dummy” painfully points out, change doesn’t always equal success. When Gretchen tackles her mail assignment head on, she finds a letter from Jimmy’s family letting him know his dad died….just as Jimmy receives word that his writing proposal has sold. It’s a sticky situation to be in, and one that encapsulates why this show can be so achingly real. Grade: B+


Some Other Notes:

  • The scene of Lindsay sewing up Paul’s stab wound was actually quite disgusting.
  • Jimmy’s book involves a two-way mirror for siblings who are in love with each other, kitty stockings with semen on them, and the phrase “urinate on her britches.” Obviously, it will be a best-seller.
  • Aya Cash’s delivery of the torrent of insults Gretchen unleashes after Justina says that she can say anything she wants in therapy was a twisted delight.
  • “Can I get a suggestion of something light?” “Cookies.” “Demon rape.” “I heard cookies.”


By Mike Papirmeister

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