The Big Sick Review: Through Sickness, Health, and Religion

In terms of quality, traditional rom coms have all but disappeared. But The Big Sick carries the tone of the more typical audience friendly fare that masters of the genre could probably

The Beguiled Review: The Auteur Successfully Combines Period Aesthetics With Her Signature Mood

At once totally different from anything in her filmography and still carrying the very essence of a Sofia Coppola film, The Beguiled is a fresh, oddly original entry in the director’s catalogue,

Television’s Top 10 LGBT Characters

In our continued celebration of Pride Month, we’re counting down the ten best LGBT characters in television history. In television, characters stay with us longer, allowing us to see them grow and

Top 5 LGBT Movies

It’s Pride month, and we at The Filtered Lens are feeling very much in the spirit. As LGBT cinema grows and expands its audience, the films showing characters with a variety of

Fargo: “Somebody to Love” Season 3 Finale Review

With the way Fargo concluded its third season, it oddly feels like the streak of FX series with complete creative control might’ve finally been broken. “Somebody to Love” is just as gorgeous as the

47 Meters Down Review: A Fresh Enough Bite

Shark thrillers are nothing new, but when done well, can be a riotous hoot. The Shallows proved that last summer by being genuinely well made and thrilling. 47 Meters Down nails one

Better Call Saul: “Lantern” Season 3 Finale Review

“You hurt people, Jimmy,” Chuck tells his brother in what is likely the last time they’ll ever speak or see each other. “I never cared much for you,” he adds. This is

Rough Night Review: Somewhere Between a Rager and a Buzzkill

Lucia Aniello’s star-studded bachelorette comedy is like buying a well drink at the bar. It gets the job done, but there’s nothing particularly exciting about it.

Lorde “Melodrama” Review

Lorde’s second album matches musical and emotional growth in a complete, effective package.

Maudie Review: A Complicated Life and Love

At times, Maudie is a deeply upsetting film. At others, it’s incredibly sweet. Teetering between these two tones is where director Aisling Walsh’s debut film occasionally gets into trouble. The true story