Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Gets a Trailer!

It just doesn’t stop this Star Wars Celebration weekend! Hot off the heels of the Force Awakens trailer, a long preview of Star Wars Rebels has been revealed.

The First Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Online!

Try as they may, movie studios continue to make events out of trailer debuts, only for them to get leaked online some time before.

Louie: “A La Carte” Season 5 Episode 2 Review

The second episode of the season took a deep dive into love and relationships as Louie and Pamela navigate typical relationship conventions in an unconventional way.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Gets a Second Trailer!

Straight out of Celebration in Anaheim comes the second trailer for Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

2015 Summer Movie Preview

After a long winter, spring has finally sprung! At the movies, that means one thing: blockbusters. As we take our winter coats to the dry cleaners, Hollywood is preparing for four more

Arrow: “Broken Arrow” Season 3 Episode 19 Review

Tonight’s Arrow turned out to be more important than one might think. A major character left the series this week, but their goodbye was a little awkward.

Community: “Basic Email Security” Season 6 Episode 6 Review

The third time is not always the charm.

The Flash: “All Star Team Up” Season 1 Episode 18 Review

When you have a villain who controls little robot bees called the Bug-Eyed Bandit, you’re going to have a goofy episode. But know what else is kind of goofy? Brandon Routh’s portrayal

Ant-Man Brings the Comedy in its Second Trailer

Ant-Man‘s first trailer was a little too serious for some, but this second clip looks to be a lot more in line with Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of self-awareness.

Veep: “Joint Session” Season 4 Premiere Review

Selena Meyer and crew are back to take on the Oval Office, and “the S hits the F” in the best way possible.