Hail, Caesar! Review: A Lively Old Hollywood Sendup

In some ways, Hail, Caesar! is an incoherent mess. In other ways, it’s an intricate meditation on economic philosophy. But at its most delightful, it’s two seasoned filmmakers digging deep into 1950s cinematic history

Wiz Khalifa “Khalifa” Review

By this point, Wiz has become a walking advertisement for himself.

Legends of Tomorrow: “Blood Ties” Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Even with a more serious tone, Legends of Tomorrow still manages to be ridiculous fun. “Blood Ties” had much of the team dealing with their dark pasts. Rip failed to kill Savage in an

Arrow: “Unchained” Season 4 Episode 12 Review

A lot of fun things were in play in “Unchained.” Not only was Roy back, but so were Nyssa and Katana. Even Shado was back to some degree. Then there was the

Star Wars Rebels: “Legends of Lasat” Season 2 Episode 13 Review

As season two of Star Wars Rebels slowly chugs along, we’re apparently getting another round of episodes centered on one character. That’s fine and good, especially since Zeb really needed the development he was

The Flash: “Fast Lane” Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Okay, now we’re back on track. “Fast Lane” had a lot of great stuff in it, but greatest of them all was Earth-2’s Dr. Wells, season two’s wild card.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Review: Stylish Repetition

Of all the animated franchises in play right now, Kung Fu Panda has had a reliable high quality to it that doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Sure, the sequels really don’t try to

Legends of Tomorrow: “Pilot, Part 2” Season 1 Episode 2 Review

What more could you want a from a superhero series? There’s insane mythology, inventive action, time travel, weed-smoking superheroes, and actual stakes. Honestly, I love pretty much everything about this crazy episode

Rihanna “ANTI” Review

“ANTI” struggles to find its own voice, although there’s no denying Rihanna can surprise.

Arrow: “A.W.O.L.” Season 4 Episode 11 Review

“A.W.O.L.” was a very welcome reminder that when these DC shows click, they really click. With Legends of Tomorrow still trying to prove its worth while The Flash tries desperately to reclaim itself with the Zoom