Game of Thrones: “The Gift” Season 5 Episode 7 Review

Things moved very quickly for some characters this week, while others stayed in Filler Land before we march on to the end of the season.

Tomorrowland Review: Summer 2015’s First Big Disappointment

The details are a little different here and there, but Tomorrowland does very little to separate itself from your traditional futuristic dystopian fare. With writers Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof behind the script, and

Louie: “The Road Part 1″ Season 5 Episode 7 Review

When looking at the collected season five, every episode has been challenging, whether it’s Louis CK challenging himself, us, or the medium. Every episode except “The Road Part 1.”

The Flash Season 1 Review: Up to Speed

DC is building a universe on television akin to Marvel’s on the big screen. The Flash, branching off from Arrow, had a lot to offer in its first season.

Community: “Modern Espionage” Season 6 Episode 11 Review

When all else fails: paintball!

Mad Men Season 7 Review: The Era Ends Gracefully

As far as final seasons go, Mad Men had a strange path. Coming off the success of Breaking Bad‘s split final season, we got two batches of episodes all collectively considered part of the farewell

The Flash: “Fast Enough” Season 1 Finale Review

Umm, excuse me writers, I believe you left a few things dangling there. But even before the maddening spot where the season finale ended, “Fast Enough” was a rewarding finale that concluded everything the

Veep: “Storms and Pancakes” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

This week’s Veep proves that popularity comes at a price.

Game of Thrones: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Season 5 Episode 6 Review

Do you think HBO scheduled what was destined to be another controversial rape scene the same night as the Mad Men series finale so damage control would be minimal?

I’ll See You in My Dreams Review: Loving and Losing

At just around 90 minutes, I’ll See You in My Dreams feels more like a pilot to an HBO series than a feature length film. It introduces characters and shows us their