Saint Laurent (NYFF Review): A Feverish Look at a Fashion Icon

French director Bertrand Bonello’s examination of one of fashion’s biggest names is luridly fascinating, despite its overindulgence.

Gotham: “Selina Kyle” Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Selina Kyle is a very weird second episode. While it almost completely betrays the premise of Gotham, several characters and their dynamics instantly felt more fleshed out.

Lilting Review: Quiet Grieving

The ability to love is inherently human. Loving your child. Loving your parent. Loving that person that snaps into your piece of the puzzle and challenges and defends you. At its most

Whiplash (NYFF Review): Extreme Percussion

A musical conservatory becomes a ferocious battleground in this exhilarating drama from writer-director Damien Chazelle.

Masters of Sex: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” Season 2 Finale Review

Season 2 comes to a close with the return of familiar faces, and some surprising revelations.

Pride Review: Flamboyantly Cheesy

There’s a point in Pride where the loud and proud score swells as people give a gay man a standing ovation for a to table-top dance routine that has the women swooning and the men

Star Wars Rebels: “Spark of Rebellion” Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2 Review

Your first peak at just what Disney has been up to since they bought Lucasfilm is here, and if what’s to come is as strong as this, Star Wars fans have a very bright

Watch the Trailer For The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance!

Three years later…

Tracks Review: Walk Don’t Run

On paper, Tracks should be a great film. It’s a true story about perseverance in a gorgeously shot locale starring two up-and-comers that both get a lot of challenging material. But everything here feels

South Park: “Go Fund Yourself” Season 18 Episode 1 Review

Season 18 opens with the various boys staring off and saying words including “boner”, “balls”, and other foul things without any explanation. Welcome back to South Park.