Photo Credit:LEGION just used some very kooky but very creepy time travel crap to have an honest discussion about the lasting effects of sexual assault. It was insane and amazing, and this comeback season is legit unbelievable.
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The Handmaid’s Tale “Heroic” Review: Is it Too Late to Right the Ship?

This week, via a loophole only the Emmys could create, Dana Reid was rightfully nominated for Best Directing for The Handmaid’s Tale‘s best episode to date, season two’s bottle episode “Holly” (turns out, individual achievements in episodes that air after the May 31st deadline are eligible for the year after, even if the majority of […]

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Legion Television

Legion “Chapter 23” Review: Time Doesn’t Heal Any Wounds in Marvel’s Weirdest Adaptation

This comeback season is really something. Just a week after Professor X was introduced in the midst of a haunted house period piece, Legion delivers an eccentric hour on time travel featuring horrifying time demons as well as an honest discussion about the lasting effects of sexual assault. You have to appreciate what the show […]

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Big Little Lies Television

Big Little Lies “The Bad Mother” Review: Episode 6 Smartly Tees Up an Unpredictable Finale

Things got ugly between Celeste and Mary Louise in court, like, really ugly. But there’s some ugliness happening behind the scenes on Big Little Lies, too. With IndieWire‘s bombshell report on Friday, it appears season two’s director, Andrea Arnold, was betrayed at the last minute, with Jean-Marc Vallee stepping in to re-direct the season after […]

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Television The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale “Unfit” Review: Has a Series Ever Fallen From Grace This Vastly?

The review I’m writing really isn’t the one I wanted to write this week. An Ann Dowd-centric episode of The Handmaid’s Tale? Aunt Lydia is just about the only member of the main cast whose history has gone unexplored. This was a chance for the series to evolve her character from an interesting, impactful villain […]

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New Poppers & Popcorn – Spider-Man: Far From Home Film Review

Doing whatever a queer film podcast can do (as Disney Marvel essentially takes over the universe/box office), Matt and Josh review Spider-Man: Far From Home, which brings back Tom Holland as Peter Parker to face off against Jake Gyllenhaal’s Msyterio. Other topics include the MCU at large, The Little Mermaid‘s casting controversy, Rian Johnson’s Knives […]