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Daniel Handler’s acerbic young adult novels finally get their due in a Netflix series that’s much more whimsical than its title (and theme song) would have you believe.

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On my way to the theater to watch Blood Wars, the fifth episode in the Underworld franchise that, like many of its vampiric characters, simply refuses to die, I was recounting what

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It’s strange. Just a month ago, Star Wars Rebels seemed aimless in its third season. Neither Thrawn nor Maul brought a much needed narrative punch to the series. But now, we’ve all seen Rogue One

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After two seasons abroad, Homeland has finally come home for more headline regurgitating espionage. Since Brody’s death, the show has smartly hit the reset button with each season premiere, allowing the writers to better

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Jim Jarmusch tries to find beauty in the mundane with Paterson. The film is deliberately slow, like a feature length montage of characters stuck in their routine lives before something amazing happens.

2017 Movie Preview

As 2016 wraps up with many of its best films backloaded into November and December (at least more so than in years past), we’re looking to 2017 in hopes that the upcoming