Top 10 Movies of 2016 So Far

With 2016 already half over, we’re reflecting on an already extraordinary year in film. With surprisingly strong studio releases in the months leading up to the summer season, 2016 has had a

The BFG Review: Spielberg’s Magic Modestly Meets Real Magic

It’s been a long time since Steven Spielberg has tackled a fantasy as otherworldly as The BFG (Hook is the last one by my count). But while this film has some classic

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Review: Up in Live-Action

Hunt for the Wilderpeople features character arcs you’ve seen before involving a spunky kid charming a grumpy old man (perhaps never better than in Pixar’s Up, a movie this one oddly very

UnREAL: “Guerilla” Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Things get dark as Rachel and Quinn’s relationship reaches its tipping point.

Veep: “Inauguration” Season 5 Finale Review

“We gave America all we had.”

Game of Thrones: “The Winds of Winter” Season 6 Finale Review

Season six of Game of Thrones has done a spectacular job pointing us in the general direction of the end of the show. Along the way, it managed to include huge payoffs that have

The Shallows Review: It’s Still Not Safe To Go Back Into the Water

The Shallows isn’t the most original blockbuster, taking the narrative arc of Gravity and slapping it with the villain from Jaws, but its simplicity is refreshing in a summer of sequels with

The Red Hot Chili Peppers “The Getaway” Review

After years of taunting, RHCP have finally placed both feet firmly into dad-rock.

Swiss Army Man Review: Don’t Hold It In

The opening scene of Swiss Army Man has Hank (Paul Dano) abruptly canceling a suicide attempt on a deserted island when he notices a body, later to be called Manny (Daniel Radcliffe),

Veep: “Kissing Your Sister” Season 5 Episode 9 Review

Veep knocks it out of the park with an endlessly entertaining mockumentary episode.