How to set up a virtual hangout: the easy way to get people together on Zoom

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Posted Mar 16, 2023

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In these times of enforced isolation, catching up with friends and fellow shooters has become a challenge. But fear not, because virtual hangouts are here to save the day! Whether you want to talk about things photography or just catch up with friends and colleagues, virtual conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts have made it easier than ever to stay connected from home.

Working from home opens up new opportunities for socializing through your home computers and monitors. Video conferencing apps like Zoom have become increasingly popular in recent months, offering extra features such as gallery view and a speaker-highlight function that makes it easy to single out who's talking. They even offer fun backgrounds to add sparkle to your virtual grab-and-go pub debating sessions. And while some video conferencing apps cost money, we've chosen Zoom as the top app for our step-by-step guide buying guide because it offers a free service as well as a paid-for upgrade with extra features.

So if you're ready to set up your own virtual hangout, keep reading for our easy-to-follow guide on how to use Zoom – including camera deals and prizes, latest news in real-time audio providing, and the main differences between the free service and paid-for upgrades. Let's get started!

Camera deals, prizes and latest news

Camera enthusiasts, this is the virtual hangout you've been waiting for! Join us as we explore the latest camera deals, prizes, and unmissable photography news. Our community of photographers is always on the lookout for great deals and product advice, so you won't want to miss out.

Looking for top-notch memory cards? Check out Lexar's Professional CFexpress Type B card Diamond Series. With write speeds of up to 1,500MB/s, this card is perfect for high-speed burst shooting and 4K video. You can also test your memory skills with our memory game to win a Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B card.

In other news, it's finally happened - a 1-star product review has been left on a security hard disk drive. But don't worry - we've got you covered with our soft Alfred Camera app that allows remote monitoring of your home or office. Plus, we're excited to announce four disruptive new Fujifilm cameras that are sure to take your photography game up a notch. Stay tuned for more updates on camera deals, reviews and competitions!

Explore a Whole New World with Animal Crossing Game

Animal Crossing is one of the chillest games available in the market today. Expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products, and they all agree that Animal Crossing is worth your time. The game accepts players into its world without any time limit, allowing them to explore at their own pace.

The overarching goal of Animal Crossing is to make your town a good hangout space for you and your animal friends. The entire crux of the gameplay involves interacting with these characters, pulling weeds, hunting bugs, and simply exploring to your heart's content.

In multiplayer mode, you can spend time with other players by taking turns visiting each other's towns. This can be a giving mood as you can send trinkets to each other or trade items. If you're new to the game, check out our 12 essential Animal Crossing: Horizons tips to get started on your journey.

Join the Fun at an Exciting Album Viewing Party

Happy multiethnic friends drinking beer and having fun during party on rooftop

Are you looking for a great idea to connect with your friends and family during this time of social distancing? Why not organize a virtual hangout where everyone can view and reminisce about childhood captured in a photograph album? It's one of the many fun ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home, and it's a great way to stay connected and entertained while staying safe. So grab your favorite album, invite your loved ones, and get ready for some nostalgic fun!

Meditate, Do Yoga Or Workout Together

Staying fit and in good shape is important, especially during these times. With virtual meet-ups becoming more popular, why not try meditating, doing yoga or working out together with your friends? It’s a great way to stay connected while also taking care of yourself. There are plenty of resources online for guided meditation, yoga classes or workout routines that you can follow along with together.

Recommended reading: If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, meditation can help calm your mind and bring some peace into your day. Yoga is a great way to stretch out your body and increase flexibility. And working out together can be motivating and fun! Don’t let social distancing stop you from caring for yourself – try meditating, doing yoga or working out virtually with your friends today!

How to Organize Your Own Fun Virtual Pub Quiz Experience

Side view of unrecognizable young male in casual clothes using goggles of virtual reality controlling with console while standing in room

Hosting a virtual pub quiz is a great option for socializing online. Alternatively, you can use a quiz-enabled conference app like Houseparty. Don't forget to invite your friends and family to join in on the fun. Friendly competition adds excitement to any remote party, so consider offering a prize for the winner. To make your virtual hangout even more enjoyable, find online games or other virtual party ideas that everyone can participate in.

Unleashing Ultimate Fun with the Jackbox Party Pack

Have you ever been to a house party where everybodys played the same old games? Look no further than the Jackbox Party Pack, a collection of hilarious and creative games that will have you and your friends laughing all night long. Unlike traditional board games or video games, jackbox games require no specialized gaming skills or dedicated controllers. All you need is a smartphone or computer to join in on the fun.

One of my personal favorites is Fibbage Testing, where players must come up with clever lies to fool their opponents into thinking their answer is correct. Another great game for group play is Jack Penning Rhyming Diss Tracks, where players compete against each other in rap battles. And if you're feeling artistic, Mad Verse City allows you to flex your creative muscles by making incomprehensible images and rhymes. These jackbox games are perfect for facilitating socializing and don't require your full attention for more than a good ten minutes at a time. I've found that playing jackbox games online can be just as much fun as playing in person; it's easy to set up and only takes ten minutes for each person to get involved. So why not give it a try? It's a fair question - what do you have to lose?

Experience Ultimate Fun with Fortnite Party Royale!

If you hate Fortnite or have never played it, it's worth pointing out that the game recently implemented a new mode called Fortnite Party Royale. The combat-free mode of Fortnite Party Royale opens up a big virtual world where players can hang out, dance and enjoy timed challenges together. Similar in pitch to hang out games like Second Life or VR Chat, the Party Royale is a non-violent alternative to the traditional Fortnite game.

The Fortnite Party Royale features timed challenges for players to complete, but they won't simply involve shooting other players. Instead, you'll meet other gamers from around the world and take on challenges like racing through an obstacle course or performing tricks on a skateboard. There's no player cap either, so anyone can join in on the fun! Whether you're new to gaming or just looking for something different than traditional shooters, it's definitely worth logging into Fortnite and giving the Party Royale a try!

Discover the Treasures of the High Seas in Sea of Thieves!

If you're stuck indoors and want to experience the thrill of ocean exploration, look no further than Sea of Thieves. This online multiplayer game allows you to raise anchor, unfurl sails, man cannons, and bail water with your friends as you sail a pirate ship across the high seas. The game's physics engine is surprisingly granular, allowing you to repair damage with wooden planks or fight fantastical foes as you search for buried treasure.

Brown Wooden Dock

Tabletop Simulator isn't just a great alternative to simply sitting around during virtual hangouts. It's also a great way to play chess, poker, mahjong, and other public domain games with your friends. The game pieces are attached to a physics engine that allows you to roll dice, draw cards, move pieces, and more in real life. Plus, if you want to run tabletop RPGs or play popular board games like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride, there are official digital versions available on Steam Workshop.

No matter what objectives are hanging over your head at home, you'll find something fun to do in these virtual worlds. So why not make landfall on someone's game table today?

Embark on an Exciting Adventure with a Ticket to Ride

Looking for a good board game adaptation that's stable widely and easy to play with friends? Look no further than Ticket to Ride, the digital version of the popular board game. Whos sat down to play an incredibly complex German strategy games knows that it can be basically impossible to get started without spending a ton of time explaining rules and letting players get their bearings. But this lightweight strategy game challenges players to build train routes across the United States or Asia depending on which version you're playing, making it a great choice for anyone who hasn't played before.

One nice touch in this decent digital board game is the way it guides new players through the setup process, allowing them to learn as they go without feeling overwhelmed by all of the different options. And once you start playing, you'll find that there are plenty of challenges to keep things interesting, whether you're trying to connect distant cities or block your opponents' paths. So if you're looking for a fun and engaging way to spend an evening with friends or family, why not give Ticket to Ride a try?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual hangout?

A virtual hangout is an online space where people can socialize, communicate, and interact with each other through video calls or chat rooms. It's a digital platform that provides a similar experience to in-person gatherings and allows individuals to connect from anywhere in the world.

How many participants can zoom support?

Zoom can support up to 1,000 participants on a single call with their Large Meeting add-on, and up to 10,000 viewers with their Webinar add-on.

Are there any two-person online games on Google Hangouts?

Yes, there are several two-person online games that can be played on Google Hangouts, such as Chess, Checkers, and Battleship.

Is Google Hangouts still useful?

Yes, Google Hangouts is still a useful communication tool that allows users to chat, make audio and video calls, share screens, and collaborate on projects with ease.

What are some ideas for virtual games?

Virtual games ideas include online trivia, escape rooms, virtual reality experiences, and multiplayer video games.

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